The European popular soccer number of fifa coins the new year has been officially conducted. EA SPORTS provides the annually FIFA Football series of actions for us as frequent. The most latest work FIFA 16 (mobile version) has been getting on North america App Store at present.

Although cellular edition is less sensitive than the wide range and the PC way of FIFA action, EA uses new engine in cellular way of FIFA 16 to make an effort to bring better experience of capabilities, more exciting goals and the function of fifa 16 coins more soothing reaction for iOS clients at the same time, it also provides more amazing team associates and activity has also been improved.

EA has said that the experience provides a number of high-definition information and higher-quality reflection, so the devices need is also excellent. Apart from it needs storage space space space of buy fifa coins at least 1.4GB, the performance need of action system is also excellent, only iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad little 2 and iPad little 3 can run.

EA has said that FIFA 16 will bring action experience with host-level. They upgrade the engine of visible and biggest team at the same time it also provides new function of players’ transactions.

FIFA 16 has already been on sales in App Store of cheap fifa coins North america and the united states. The action will be in the worldwide market on 22 September. It is worth making reference to that the experience has just start service, the server may be in an unpredictable state.